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  • Just curious to know how long a resident can park near the garages. Numerous time I tried to get in and out of my garage and could get in or out due to someone parked in front of my asiagned garage I don't want to damage anyone's car or accident (0 comments) Jamie Fisher-Potter  |  October 6, 2016
  • Hello Neighbors, My name is Nestor Melgar and I am resident since December of last year. I am an Account Executive from T-Mobile. If you are interested in new service with T-Mobile. I will be very happy to help you. My phone number is 310-438-9484. Thank you (0 comments) Nestor Melgar  |  March 16, 2016
  • It's very nice that the management recently fixed the landscape of the community. However, our front yard looks like a desert in contrast to the building across the street. It was green before but now it looks brown, patchy, dusty and dead, regardless of the weather. Maybe the management should have a look and see for themselves. I envy the front yard of building 3308. My wish is that management will do something to replace the plant to something more lively in color...like green that crawls to camouflage the bald spots. Hope somebody listens. 3297-3 tenants (0 comments) Mary Padilla  |  February 17, 2016

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